Air Namibia Booking Nigeria

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Air Namibia Booking Nigeria

Air Namibia Booking Nigeria

Book cheap Air Namibia flights with FlightScanner.com.ng. Air Namibia operates regular flights from Lagos, Nigeria to Windhoek, Namibia.

Air Namibia flights from Lagos to Windhoek – Schedule

Air Namibia operates four weekly direct flights between Lagos and Windhoek.

Lagos to Windhoek – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Air Namibia flights from Lagos to Windhoek

Air Namibia flights from Windhoek to Lagos – Schedule

Air Namibia operates 4 weekly direct flights between Windhoek Lagos, Nigeria.

Windhoek to Lagos – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Air Namibia flights from Windhoek to Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria (LOS) to Windhoek, Namibia (WDH)

The flight time from Lagos to Windhoek is about 5 hours and 15 minutes.

About Air Namibia

If you are travelling in and around Namibia, the natural solution to your transport needs is Air Namibia. It’s a state-owned enterprise, the flag carrier of the country and is hands-down one of the best airlines this country has to offer if you are looking for a reliable flight, competitive flight prices and top-notch in-flight services.

Although you can find ticket offices around Namibia, the best way to book Air Namibia flights is doing it online. And the best way to do it online is to use this website, although it is possible to book your flights on the Air Namibia website. Using a flight booking portal like ours can help you to compare Air Namibia flights with other top Namibian airlines by simply entering the following information into the flight booking portal which you will find at the top of this screen:

  • The number of people travelling
  • The airports you will be departing from and arriving at
  • Which cabin you would like (e.g. economy or business class)
  • Your intended travel dates

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Air Namibia Booking Nigeria - Namibia

Air Namibia specials, flight deals and promotions

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Air Namibia flight schedule 2023

The 2023 Air Namibia flight schedule can be checked by using the flight search and booking tool at the top of this page. Simply select your travel dates, departure and arrival airports and click search.

Air Namibia International Flights Frequency

Frankfurt > Windhoek: 7 flights per week
Windhoek > Frankfurt:  7 flights per week

Air Namibia  Regional Frequency

Johannesburg, SA: 14 flights per week
Cape Town, SA: 14 flights per week
Durban, SA: 5 flights per week
Luanda, Angola: 6 flights per week
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: 5 flights per week
Lusaka, Zambia: 4 flights per week
Harare, Zimbabwe: 4 flights per week
Lagos, Nigeria: 4 flights per week
Accra, Ghana: 4 flights per week
Lagos to Accra: 4 flights per week
Accra, to Lagos: 4 flights per week

Air Namibia Domestic Flights Frequency

Luderitz, Namibia: 4 flights per week
Oranjemund, Namibia: 4 flights per week
Ondangwa, Namibia: 13 flights per week
Rundu, Namibia: 3 flights per week
Katima Mulilo, Namibia: 4 flights per week
Walvis Bay, Namibia: 7 flights per week

More about Air Namibia

Air Namibia has two main hubs: one for international flights (Hosea Kutako International Airport) and one for domestic flights (Windhoek Eros Airport). Air Namibia flies to more than 15 destinations in Africa and Europe, 7 of which are in Namibia. This airline has code-share agreements with Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Condor Flugdienst.

You can enjoy some of the best features modern-day flying has to offer from Air Namibia, such as special assistance for pets and sports equipment. To make use of these facilities, you will have to make arrangements at the time of your booking in order for you to be accommodated. Once you have booked your flight, you will be able to check-in online by providing your flight details and surname.

Reward$: the Air Namibia frequent flier programme

If you fly regularly with Air Namibia, you may as well sign up for Reward$ and reap the benefits of your travels with Air Namibia. You can trade your miles for privileges such as these:

  • Seat upgrades
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Free tickets
  • Reduced prices for tickets

Signing up for the frequent flier programme is free, and miles can be transferred between members. Miles can also be used to buy tickets for non-members. There are three main tiers you can qualify for.

Arriving at Hosea Kutako International Airport

This international airport and its surrounds is an ever-growing hive of activity. Facilities at the airport itself include duty-free, restaurants (with free wifi) and short and long term parking. Outside of the airport, there are car rental agencies, a foreign exchange office and airline catering establishments. Taxis are available at the airport, and there is a shuttle that can take you into Windhoek for affordable prices.

Air Namibia baggage restrictions

Baggage allowance varies depending on where you want to go, and which class you are travelling. Look online for a detailed description of the size and weight restrictions. Note that if you exceed the permitted weight, you will have to pay an excess fee.

Travelling in Namibia: essential info

There are a few essential tidbits of info that you would do well to be aware of before your sojourn in Namibia.

For example, did you know that most of Namibia is a Malaria-free zone? However, if you travel further north, it is advisable for you to take the necessary precautions. Also make sure that you have polio, diphtheria and polio vaccinations before leaving your country.

In Namibia, you can either use Namibian dollars or South African rand, which have a similar value.

You can enjoy Namibia at any time of the year, but the best time to go (especially if you are going to Etosha game reserve) is probably during the drier months (July to October). November to January are probably the hottest months in Namibia, and flooding can occur between January and March, so it’s best to avoid travelling during this period.

Most of Namibia’s functional public transport is located in the major cities, which won’t be of much use for tourists who plan to visit the attractions that are more remote (which is most of them). The best option is to hire a car. There are a number of car rental agencies you can use, some of which you can find near the airport. Buses can be unreliable for long distance travel, and using the public transport system forces you to stick to the scheduled route.

Not-to-be-missed attractions in Namibia

Regardless of whether you are visiting Nambia for business or leisure, it is worth taking some time to witness the natural beauty of this remarkable country. If you are into hiking, the Fish River Canyon is a definite must. It is the largest canyon in Africa, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Make sure you book in advance though, as hiking this trail is seasonal.

Kolmanskop is a deserted town that was once occupied by people involved in the diamond trade. Today you can find the dilapidated remains of what was once a thriving town.

In Namibia, you will find a unique landscape that is home to a diverse range of unique animal and plant species that have evolved in mysterious ways to the dry desert environment. One of these places is Deadvlei, which is a large clay pan characterised in many photographs by the ancient camel thorn trees that are scattered throughout the area.

Dead Acacia erioloba in Deadvlei, Namibia

Most travellers to Namibia include at least a night or two at Etosha National Park, where you can see some of the Namibian wildlife first-hand (especially at the watering holes). Contained within the park is a large salt pan that spans more than 4000km and can be seen from space.

Etosha National Park

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