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Best Nigerian Airlines that fly between Lagos and Abuja

Cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja and from Abuja to Lagos

Best airlines for Lagos Abuja flights

Whether it’s for an urgent business meeting or last minute holiday plans, we all at some point need to book an economy or budget class ticket. This can often be an anticlimax, especially when travelling the busy Lagos-Abuja route. So how do you choose the right airline that will help you to minimise your time spent in the air without burning a hole in your pocket? Tricky, when airline prices change from day to day and we can’t always trust their reliability. But some Nigerian airlines are making progress and delivering on their promises both in terms of quality and price.

Arik Air

Long considered the top-rate carrier and one of the largest in Nigeria, Arik Air operates from its state-of-the-art Aviation Centre in Lagos. The company focuses solely on short and mid-haul flights with a good reputation in for safety standards and on-time flights. It owns the youngest fleet in the country serviced by reputed international companies like Lufthansa Technik, Lufthansa Cityline and Samco Engineering.

With a modern fleet of aircraft, Arik Air passengers can enjoy more comfort with a seat pitch or legroom of between 81 and 86 centimetres, much more than the 76-centimetre average for international airlines.

Its premier business class ranks highly, offered on mid and long haul flights, onboard what was originally an ‘Emirates bird’ with the exclusive Kira Bar and Lounge plus the added comforts that Business Class typically affords one.


Boeing 737-800 or Bombardier Jet.

Food & Drink

A snack and refreshment.


A great choice in terms of punctuality, comfort and safety, however, the service is standard on regional flights. Expect better offerings on international flights in terms of in-flight entertainment and meal service.

Arik Air flights from Lagos to Abuja

Arik Air operates several daily return flights throughout the week. You can find our guide to Arik Air flight information, flight times, schedules, pricing, number of flights and airports for Lagos-Abuja here.

Air Peace Airlines

A flagship carrier for Nigeria, Air Peace is arguably the largest in terms of passenger volumes, flight services and route network. It is also one of the few trusted airlines that also offers international flights. These began in 2019 on the Lagos-Dubai route.

Airfares are very affordable and come with professional service and an eye on passenger comfort. With huge expansion plans for its international operations and many flights now operating out of the new Terminal 2 of the Lagos Murtala Muhammed Airport, passengers can enjoy a more modern, tech-oriented service and direct access to aircraft runways.


Boeing 737.

Food & Drink

Snack and beverage in economy class. Business class passengers usually enjoy a meal service.


A global connector and household name for millions of Nigerians, flying Air Peace is a safe bet when you’re flying economy or budget.

Air Peace flights from Lagos to Abuja

Air Peace operates numerous daily flights on the Lagos-Abuja route. You can also find more detailed Air Peace flight information here.

Dana Air

Dana Air operates a reliable domestic service out of Lagos in full compliance with global quality and safety standards. The airline is also well known for its highly competitive airfares and streamlined service in terms of online bookings, check-in and flight status updates. With expansion plans in place for the African continent, the Dana Air fleet is being upgraded to include Boeing-737 aircraft to be the youngest in the fleet. The ticket prices are some of the cheapest for the Lagos to Abuja route.


McDonnell Douglas MD-80.


Standard economy or budget quality.


A standard, reliable and safe economy service but ticket prices are some of the cheapest flights offered. So if you don’t mind biting the bullet for just over an hour flight, then you could take advantage of some of the lowest airfares in the sky.

Dana Air flights from Lagos to Abuja

Several return flights are running on Dana Air from Lagos to Abuja daily. You can find detailed Dana Air flight information for this route here.

Booking cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja

For a seamless booking experience, our flight finder tool will assist you in finding a flight that best suits your dates for travel. Just enter your travel dates and destinations, and follow the prompts. You’ll have your booking in a few easy steps. We have all the info you need on booking an affordable flight from Lagos to Abuja.

Best Nigerian Airlines that fly between Lagos and Abuja

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