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Why book with us?

Why book flights with

Why book flights with

What is more important to you? Do you want to book the cheapest flight tickets available or do you want the shortest overall journey time?

With you can search thousands of flights and order them in terms of price and journey time. If you want to book flights with a specific airline, that’s also no problem. You simple select the airline you want to book with in our flight search engine and we will display the results from your chosen airline first. Underneath your preferred airline, we will display alternative flight options that may be cheaper or have shorter overall journey time.

One of the significant advantages of booking with is you can make one flight booking  with multiple airlines. For example, if you wish to travel from Lagos to London, we will search for the cheapest way of getting you there. The cheapest option may be to fly from Lagos to Paris with Air France and from Paris to London with British Airways. If you were to book directly with the airlines you would probably have to book separate (unconnected) tickets with both airlines. This can be an issue if your first flight is delayed causing you to miss your connecting flight. Because you booked your flights directly with the separate airlines your tickets are seen as separate journeys, so the delayed airline may not wish to assist you to get to your final destination. Not to mention there would be so many combinations of flights to choose from, it would take you forever to find the best deal.

We save your time, hassle and money by finding the best options to choose from. We are also pleased to say that there are no hidden costs or taxes. Our pricing is completely transparent.

TravelStart Nigeria

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Our booking engine is powered by TravelStart which is the largest Online Travel Agent in Africa.  When you search for flights with us, you’ll get results from all the major international airlines and low-cost carriers. Once you’ve chosen the best flight for you, book and pay online in one seamless transaction.

TravelStart have offices across Africa and the Middle East.