Cheapest Flight from Lagos to Dubai

Book the cheapest flights from Lagos to Dubai

Cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai

Looking for the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai? Use our booking engine to find the best flights from Lagos to Dubai. Remember to also check the total journey time if your trip involves a layover.

How to get the cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai

Here are some useful facts to help you book the cheapest flights from Lagos to Dubai.

  • July is the cheapest time of year to fly from Lagos to Dubai. Most expensive month to travel from Lagos to Duba is December.
  • Typically Monday is the cheapest day of the week to fly from Lagos to Dubai. Interestingly, Thursday seems to be the most expensive.
  • Lagos to Dubai flights are as much as 12% more expensive in the evening than in the afternoon.
  • Turkish Airlines, Asky Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and Hahn Air are the most popular carriers operating flights from Lagos to Dubai
  • The cheapest time to buy a flight from Lagos to Dubai is approximately 52 days to departure.
  • The shortest flight time from Lagos to Dubai

Dubai city

The city that never sleeps. Book your flights to Dubai online.

cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai

Lagos to Dubai flight time

The shortest flight from Lagos to Dubai takes 11h 35m.

Direct flights from Lagos to Dubai

The Lagos – Dubai – Lagos route is incredibly popular and there are direct flights between Lagos and Dubai every day.

Airports in Dubai

There are 2 airports in Dubai. The busiest airport being Dubai International Airport (DXB). The second airport is Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC).

About Dubai International (DXB)

In 2014 DXB became the world’s number 1 airport for international passengers. The airport processed a total of 70.4 million passengers.

Dubai International comprises three terminals

Terminal 1 (includes Concourse D) serves all airlines
Terminal 2 serves scheduled, charter and special flights (pilgrimage)
Terminal 3 (includes Concourses A, B & C) is dedicated for use by Emirates airline

DXB retained its position as world’s number 1 international airport for the fourth consecutive year with annual traffic of 88.2 million passengers in 2017.

The Traffic is expected to reach 90.3 million during 2018.

The airport serves 90+ airlines flying to more than 240 destinations across six continents.

DXB is the world’s number one airport in terms of the number of Airbus A380 stands with a total of 37 Code F aircraft gates.

Find more DBX facts here

Book a flight ticket online

It is now easier than ever before to book flight ticket online. Gone are the days of visiting a traditional high street travel agent to book a flight ticket. The traditional high street travel agents also used to add on a healthy markup on the flight ticket price. Thoe looking to book flight tickets online can benefit from the increased competition amongst internet travel agents.

You can book a flight ticket online in just a couple of minutes using the flight booking tool at the top of this page.

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