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Mombasa, quite unlike any other city

Flag of Mombasa

Flag of Mombasa

Mombasa is perched upon the East African coast. After arriving in Mombasa, you quickly realise why it’s Kenya’s leading tourist destination. Mombasa is an amalgamation of Indian Ocean wonders, quite unlike any other city across the globe.

Visitors to Mombasa quickly learn that what some consider to be an undertone of sleaze is, in fact, the bustle of unsleeping liveliness. Famed for its nightlife, Kenya is, to many, an ongoing beach party. Its many pubs and clubs ever pumping with local music. Mombasa’s music itself is another of its trademarks, showcasing African, Indian, and Western influences which reflect the city’s uniquely multifaceted cultural environment.

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Mombasa Carnival

If you’re lucky enough to arrive in November, you’ll witness the multicultural wonders of the city take to the streets en masse for the annual Mombasa Carnival. This intoxicating event brings the city’s cultural vibrancy to a head. Floats and performers, artists and traders of all kinds make their way through the city’s main roads showcasing local and contemporary dances and costumes, artistic works and cuisines of all kinds. It’s the ideal time to sample every flavour of Mombasa’s cultural magic.

Spice Market, Mombasa

Those who wander further westwards, towards Langoni road, will likely encounter the sensory spectacles of the Spice Market, a bustling outdoor market whose exotic, fragrant wares further reflect the city’s Arabic and Indian influences.

The famous tusks of Mombasa

The Tusks of Mombasa

Wander in a more south-easterly direction, toward Moi Avenue, and you might well come across the two sets of gigantic aluminium elephant tusks. These tusks form great arches over the road, marking the entrance to the city.

Commissioned in the 1950s to commemorate the visit of Princess Margaret, this remnant of the colonial era nonetheless bears a distinctly African aesthetic.

For over half a century now, the tusks have stood over Moi Avenue, welcoming visitors to this remarkable city.

Mombasa Old Town

Mombasa’s unique beauty hardly stops there. Visitors with a taste for the wonders of history can wander through the narrow streets of the city’s famed Old Town. Here, the singular blend of local, Arabic and Portuguese architectural influences reflect the rich history of the nation and the city.

Visitors who come across the Mandhry Mosque, built in 1570, for instance, might contemplate its combination of indigenous and Arabic styles that speak to the centuries of trade and interaction between indigenous East Africans and Arab travellers.

Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World heritage site

Fort Jesus, Mombasa

Those who make their way down to the shore can find themselves encountering the striking, world-famous Fort Jesus. A Unesco World Heritage Site, the fort is largely unchanged since its construction by the Portuguese near the end of the 16th century. One of the most-visited sites in the country, Fort Jesus stands as a testament to some of the most important points in the history not only of Kenya, but of the continent of Africa, and of the world in general. It is a monument to the earliest European attempts to control the Indian Ocean trade route; it is a symbol of the control of this strategic coastal point being wrested from the Arabic world by Portugal; and it marks the birth of the harsh regime of European colonialism, both in Kenya and across Africa. And as it happens, it’s also celebrated as one of the most well-preserved examples of 16th-century Portuguese military architecture.

Food in Mombasa

Of course, you haven’t fully explored a destination’s cultural depths until you’ve tried the food. Mombasa’s cuisine is yet another reflection of what a unique melting pot this city truly is. With the city’s fine eating establishments offering up mouth-watering servings of Swahili, Indian, and Chinese cuisine – and, naturally, for a coastal town, a generous variety of seafood dishes – every meal is bound to be unforgettable. Enjoy it near a view of the city’s sun-soaked beaches, and the experience is one that’ll be intricately tied to your time in Mombasa, unattainable anywhere else in the world.

Speaking of the beaches, perhaps this goes without saying; but being on the Kenyan coast, you will, when visiting Mombasa, generally find yourself just down the road from East Africa’s glistening, white-sanded shorelines. And offering beaches that vary from bustling hubs to quiet nooks ideal for a peaceful walk along the waterline, Mombasa’s coastal beauty serves as both a tranquil retreat and a complement to the city’s buzzing party atmosphere.

Flights to Mombasa

Flights to Mombasa

Perhaps the best part? It’s so very close to Nigeria, both geographically and financially. Depending on your choice of airtime, a flight from Lagos to Mombasa can take as little as six to eight hours; and currently, the naira is trading at 3.53 to the Kenyan shilling, ensuring that your holiday budget will stretch almost as far as it would locally. There are plenty of flights to Mombasa to choose from. Use the flight booking tool at the top of this page to book your flights to Mombasa.

The following airlines fly from Lagos to Mombasa. Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Asky Airlines, Rwandair Express, Fly540 and several others.

Kenya Visa requirements for Nigerians

To top it all off, Nigerian citizens can apply for a visa to Kenya via a slick and convenient online process that ensures its delivery within a few working days. This ensures that your trip is not only thrilling but largely free of bureaucratic stress and hassle. Find out more about the Visa requirements for Nigerians wishing to visit Kenya. For specific visa requirements, visit

Mombasa is so much more than just another coastal getaway – it’s history and leisure, culture and fun, tradition and heritage with a party vibe. Whatever your idea of the perfect getaway may be, odds are you’ll find it down at Mombasa.

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