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Iran Air Online Booking

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Iran Air Online Booking

Making an Iran Air Online Booking

While you could easily book flights by visiting specific airline websites, it is a much more time-consuming and arduous task than using a flight booking portal such as the one featured on this website. Using the tool provided above requires the same input, but the advantage is that it allows you to compare flights between a number of different airlines and pick the one that suits your budget best.

To use the flight booking tool above, you will need to provide information regarding:

  1. How many people will be travelling
  2. Your intended travel dates
  3. The names of the airports you will depart from and arrive at
  4. The cabin you would like to book a seat for (e.g. economy or business class)

Iran Air Online Booking: Another benefit of using our website to make an Iran Air flight booking is that you can be alerted to upcoming specials by opting to receive our newsletter and by joining our Facebook page. Once you have booked your tickets with us, you can use the online facilities offered on the Iran Air website to check your flight status and make an Iran Air Online Booking.

About Iran Air

The history of Iran Air ( goes back to 1944 and the collaborative efforts of Reza Afshar and Gholam Ebtehaj. It is known by some as the Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is also commonly associated with “Homa” which is a gryphon in Persian mythology. Yet another commonly used name is Iran National Airlines.

This airline is the flag carrier of Iran, meaning that it is owned by the government of Iran. It has its headquarters at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. Its size and capacity to host a number of different airlines has grown exponentially and it currently flies to more than 70 destinations in Asia and Europe. Within Iran, Iran Air flies to more than 30 destinations including Abadan, Ahwaz, Khoy and Tabriz.

Iran Air has code-share agreements with the following airlines among many others:

Lagos, Nigeria (LOS) to Tehran, Iran (IKA)

Flights from Lagos to Tehran take about 12 hours 40 minutes with a layover. Several airlines operate flights from Lagos to Tehran such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.

About Mehrabad Airport

Mehrabad Airport is one of two international airports in Iran. It was originally the main international airport facilitating domestic and international passengers, but this is no longer the case. Since 2007, Imam Khomeini International Airport operates international flights, and Mehrabad Airport operates domestic flights but the latter has sometimes surpassed Imam Khomeini Airport in terms of passenger volume. It was opened way back in 1938.

There are 6 terminals at Mehrabad International Airport that host various airlines such as Kish Air, Mahan Air, Caspian Airlines, ATA Airlines and Saha Airlines, to name a few.

What you should know about Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran. It has a considerable population of 15 million people in the wider area, making it the most populated city in Western Asia. Tehran has been occupied by various civilizations spanning over hundreds of years including Arabic, Turkish and Mongolian empires.

Tehran is sandwiched between the Alborz mountains in the north and desert in the south, making it’s winters cold, it’s summers dry and the months in between fairly mild. Winter is from November to February, while July and August tend to be the hottest months. Tehran is notorious as one of the cities that has some of the worst air pollution in the world. Pollution might be affected by the changes in season, so you should take this into account when you plan your trip to Tehran.

If you are visiting Tehran or staying for a day or two before your next flight, you should know that this city practices prayer on a Friday. All activities during prayer time come to a standstill.

Transport options in Tehran

Transport in and around Tehran is not what someone from London or New York might expect, and traffic is notoriously bad. However, in the city centre of Tehran, there is a functional railway system. You will find the Metro at terminal one, two, four and six. There is also a bus system, and there is a vast system of highways that you would do well to use if you are hiring a car.

Taxis are readily available and are quite cheap. Government taxis are easy to spot in their representative yellow and green colours, but you can also hire a private taxi to take you to where you need to be. A word of advice: agree on the price before the driver pulls off. Also, make sure that you have enough local currency with you before you use the transport options available to you. Before you hire any vehicles or make any bookings, you should also know that some hotels offer free transport services.

Iran Air restrictions

If you are flying with Iran Air (as is the case with many middle eastern airlines) you would do well to observe the on-board restrictions (especially for domestic flights). Women should adorn full hair and body covering and should preferably wear a headscarf or another acceptable form of Hijab. You should also note that alcohol and non-halaal food products are not served on Iran Air flights.


If you aren’t sure whether you spend more time in the sky or on the ground, then the Iran Air frequent-flyer programme is probably worth considering. You can sign up for the blue, silver or gold card that offers different rewards. You can work out the mileage you will earn for your flights by using the mileage calculator you will find on the airline website.

Iran Air misplaced luggage

Lost luggage is not a common occurrence with this airline, but in order to prevent delays in receiving your bags, you should ensure that the information you provide regarding your personal details is correct. In the event that your baggage does go missing and you don’t receive it upon arrival, you can visit the Iran Air website and type in your details. Once your bags have been located, you will be contacted to arrange a convenient time for your luggage to be delivered.

Iran Air contact details

Email: moc.rianari@gnikoobe

Support: +9821 46625949

Address: Mehrabad Airport – Iran Air Central Department – Post Box: 775-13185

Iran Air Instagram

Iran Air official website

The official Iran Air website is and not or