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Rwandair online booking


Being the flag-carrier airline for Rwanda, Rwandair is mostly owned by the local government. It replaced the former national carrier (Air Rwanda) in 2002, following the former’s decline after the 1994 genocide and the subsequent management by Ugandan-based SA Alliance Air. It operates domestic flights as well as international flights to and from more than 25 destinations, including the following regions:

  • East Africa (e.g. Tanzania, Kenya)
  • Central Africa (e.g. Cameroon, DRC)
  • West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria)
  • Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa)
  • Europe (Belgium)
  • the Middle East (UAE)
  • Asia (India)

Its central hub of Rwandair is Kigali airport in central Rwanda. It codeshares with South African Airways, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airline and Brussels Airline. It is a member of the International Air Transportation Association and is EASA, IOSA and ISAGO certified. The current chairman of this airline is Godfrey Kabera, and the CEO is Yvonne Manzi Makolo.

During 2017 RwandAir commenced flights from Kigali to Harare, London (Gatwick), Mumbai, Brussels and  Dakar from its new hub in Cotonou. The airline also began scheduled flight services to Abidjan, Libreville and Brazzaville. In 2018 the airline added Abuja in Nigeria and Cape Town in South Africa to its route network.

Rwandair ticket prices

Searching for Rwandair ticket prices? Check out the latest, up to date Rwandair ticket prices using the flight search tool at the top of this page. Our Rwandair ticket prices are updated every minute.

Rwandair fleet

The Rwandair fleet currently consists of 12 operational aircraft consisting of 6 Boeings, 2 Airbuses and 4 Bombardiers.

Rwandair online booking

Rwandair booking

You can use online platforms to find out more about booking your flight through Rwandair. Manage booking, compare flight prices and check in online when you visit the Rwandair website. Your Rwandair online booking can also be done using our website, by simply selecting the find flight tab at the top of the screen, specifying the number of passengers, the point of departure, destination and date of travel.

The airline offers economy class, business class and first class. Like any airline, Rwandair prices vary from day to day and according to the class of ticket you are buying.

Rwandair online booking

Making a Rwandair booking is quick, easy and secure with To make a Rwandair booking, use the flight search tool at the top of this page to find your perfect Rwandair flights. Remember, we search for flight tickets with all the leading airlines, not just Rwandair. We want to make sure you get the best flight ticket deal.

Flying Rwandair, Lagos to Kigali

There is one domestic flight that operates from Lagos to Kigali per day – Rwandair WB203. Flight time is roughly 5 hours 30 minutes. You could be flying Rwandair, Lagos to Kigali with just a few clicks of your mouse. Book now, using the flight booking tool at the top of this page.

Flying Rwandair,  Lagos to Dubai

Rwandair offers competitive prices for flights from Lagos to Dubai. There is one flight per day, that has a 2-3 hour layover at Kigali airport. The total duration of the journey is about 17 hours.

Kigali International Airport

Kigali international airport is also commonly known as Kanombe International Airport because it is located in the suburb of Kanombe in central Rwanda in the country’s capital, Kigali. It was formerly called Gregoire Kayibanda International Airport. The airport is managed by the Changi Airport Group and consists of three terminals. It has the infrastructure for cargo and passenger flights as well as two helicopter pads.

The International Aviation Organisation ranked Kigali Airport as the second-best regional airport in Africa, and it has otherwise been ranked the 7th best in Africa due to its impeccable capacity to respond to a disaster.

Plans have been proposed for a re-building of the airport to allow for expansion. Passenger volume has been growing annually, and in 2016 was more than 700 000. Kigali airport offers WIFI to passengers.

Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali is the largest city in Rwanda, with an area of over 730km². It has a history of colonial rule and was founded in 1907, obtaining independence from Germany in 1962. Kigali was one of the locations in which the 1994 genocide took place and it has a number of cultural and historical sites that attract tourists from all over the world. In 2008 it placed a ban on the use of plastic that is not biodegradable, making it one of the leaders in environmental responsibility.

If you have a long llayoverat Kigali International airport, a number of tourist attractions are within close proximity to the airport. These include Inema Art Centre, Kigali Genocide Memorial, Kimironko market, Niyo Art Gallery, parliament and the Presidential Palace Museum (all within a 10km radius of the airport).

Rwandair check-in

Passengers for international flights should ensure that they are at the airport at least three hours before departure. For domestic flights, passengers should arrive 2 hours prior to departure. Rwandair check-in for both international and domestic flights closes 1 hour before your flight is scheduled to take off. You will be required to present your ID document, drivers licence or passport when you check in.

You can also check in online if you supply your booking reference number, name and passport details of all passengers. You will be able to check in online 24 hours before you fly, however online check-in facilities close 3 hours before your flight departs. Note that you will need to provide your boarding pass at the check-in counter at the airport for verification. Online check-in is only available for selected flights.

Rwandair baggage allowance

Passengers are permitted to take one 55cm x 38cm x 20cm bag onto the aircraft with them as hand luggage – this item of baggage should not exceed 10kg. If your destination is Johannesburg, your hand luggage will re restricted to 7kg.

Checked-in baggage allowance is limited to two 23kg bags if you are flying economy class and two 32kg bags if you are flying business class. Maximum dimensions allowed for check-in baggage are 135cm x 13cm x 10cm (total 158cm).

Note that if you exceed these restrictions, you might be liable to pay an excess charge, which varies according to your destination and point of departure. You can read more about the excess baggage policy and charges here.

You can trace your baggage on the Rwandair website. If you can’t find your luggage upon arrival at your destination, report your missing baggage immediately to Rwandair staff who will track it within 21 days.

For hand luggage, the following items are prohibited:

  • Knives
  • Sharp objects (including scissors, ice-picks and nail-clippers)
  • Weapons (e.g. guns, stun guns, batons or whips)
  • Toy guns, or any article that resembles a gun
  • Hand-cuffs
  • Objects containing compressed air, such as deodorant cans
  • Tools
  • Sporting equipment
  • Batteries
  • Aerosols

The following dangerous items are not permitted to be carried on board or packed into checked luggage: Explosives, gases, flammable articles, toxic and infectious substances, corrosives, oxidising substances or organic peroxides.

If you are carrying any of the above items, they will be removed from your possession at the boarding gate. For more detailed information regarding items that you will not be allowed to transport on this airline, please contact Rwandair representatives or visit the Rwandair website.

Saying this, however, some exceptions can be made with permission from Rwandair. Passengers are allowed to bring on board a maximum of 5 litres of alcoholic beverages that are less than 70%.

Rwandair Expansion plans

As of June 2018, RwandAir plans to fly to add Guangzhou in China, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Bamako in Mali and Conakry in Guinea. If that is not impressive enough, RwandAir also plans to enter the American market with flights to New York, in the USA in the very near future.

Rwandair contact details

Rwandair Abuja

Sheraton Abuja Hotel Tower 3 Sheraton Building, 1 Ladi Kwali Way, Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: 09077778620 / 09077770712

Rwandair Lagos

Waterfront Plaza, 270 Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island
Tel: (234) 07010001530 / 31 / 32
CTO: Mon – Fri 08:30AM – 5PM | Sat 09AM – 1PM

Rwandair London

Suite 3B, Gatwick House, Peeks Brook Lane, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9ST
Telephone: +44 (0)1293 874 922
Fax: +44 (0) 1293 874096

Rwandair Nairobi

Town office

International Life Mezzanine 1, Mama Ngina Street
Tel: +254 20 222 0918 | +254 718 402 599 | +254 733 151 386 | +254 790 926 722

Airport Office

Operations: +254 729 906 111
Sales: +254 725 706 807 | +254 731 300 251

Rwandair Head Office

Kigali International Airport
Main Building (top floor), P.O. Box 7275, Kigali
Tel. +250 788 177 000 |

Alternative Airlines

You can also consider Nigerian airlines like Arik Air, Air Peace, Dana Air or international airlines like Turkish Airlines.

Rwandair news

13 Feb 2018 – RwandAir to start flights to Abuja and Cape Town – Read more here