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TAAG Angola Airlines Booking

Book TAAG Airlines Flights Online

Book TAAG Airlines flights online. Use the flight booking tool at the top of this page to book flights with TAAG Angola Airlines and other leading airlines.

TAAG Angola Airlines Booking

TAAG Angola Airlines Booking

Book TAAG Airlines flights online – TAAG Angola Airlines

Many people are unaware of the numerous local airlines that offer domestic and international flights. Angola Airlines is one such under-rated airline that can be relied upon to get you to more than 10 stunning destinations within Angola, often for much cheaper prices than the more well-known airlines:

  • Catumbela
  • Cabinda
  • Kuito
  • Lubango
  • Luena
  • Menongue
  • Namibe
  • Ondjiva
  • Saurimo
  • Soyo
  • Huambo
  • Dundo

Angola Airlines: background

Having been around for more than 80 years, TAAG is unmatched in its commitment to providing passengers with affordable flights within Angola and to Europe, America and a number of destinations in Africa. It is the pride and joy of the state of Angola, with the government being the sole owner of the airline. It is based in Luanda and flies to more than 30 destinations with a humble fleet of Boeings.

Angola Airlines has code-share agreements with KLM, Kenya Airways and Air France to name just a few. Its main hub is at the Quatro de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda.

Fly in luxury with Angola Airlines

Angola Airlines does not discriminate. When you fly with Angola Airlines, you can choose between economy, business and first class. Each cabin is distinguished by cost and comes with its own set of unique characteristics. If you decide you want to upgrade your chosen cabin after you have made your booking, you can do so provided seats are still available. If you fly first class, you can enjoy privileges like priority boarding, access to VIP lounges and seats that recline into beds.

This airline also caters for people who have disabilities, elderly passengers pregnant women and children. If you have any special needs, you can make prior arrangements with the airport and airline staff to receive assistance.

As far as luggage restrictions go, the maximum weight and dimensions you are allowed to take on board vary according to your destination. You can go online to view the restrictions relevant to your travels. Also be sure to check out the items that are forbidden, as there are potentially unexpected items that should not be included in the hold luggage such as money and other valuables.

Taag Online services

Angola Airlines ( doesn’t just promise a comfortable trip from when you board but you can be assured that from the time you price your ticket, your journey will be smooth sailing.

You will be able to keep track of your flight status online plus you have the option of checking in online either by providing your booking reference or by typing in your name and the name of the flight you will be boarding. You will still need to queue at the airport to hand in your luggage, but the online check-in option can potentially cut down your queuing time as well as allow you to choose your own seat ahead of other passengers.

Book flights online – TAAG

In this day and age, buying your airline ticket doesn’t have to be hard work. You can compare flight prices between a number of different airlines, including Angola Airlines, by using the flight booking tool that features on our website. Simply enter your intended travel dates, destination and departure points and the number of people travelling, hit the search button and compare the prices and travel times of many popular airlines to find the ideal flight for you and your family. Customers should be aware that flights are subject to change. The good news is that you can be informed of specials before they happen. You can do this by becoming a member on our Facebook page and by signing up for our newsletter. We are also affiliated with, so you don’t even have to navigate off our website to find comfortable accommodation for reasonable prices.

Getting to know Angola

Angola is a top destination among business travellers, those with a sense of adventure and people looking to explore the beauty of central Africa. If you find yourself amid the diverse terrain of this beautiful country, you will not find a shortage of sites of natural beauty that will steal your heart. The Angolan economy is currently on the rise since the civil war is over and its no wonder as the country has a rich supply of diamonds and oil. Portuguese is the main language spoken here. The local currency is the Kwanza (AOA).

Quatro de Fevereiro Airport

The name of this airport literally means 4 February. This is a significant date in Angola and has been designated a public holiday in the country as it marks the start of the struggle against the oppressive Portuguese rule. The airport was inaugurated in 1954 as President Craveiro Lopez Airport but was renamed after independence in 1975. It is also commonly known as Luanda International Airport and is situated a mere 5km from the city of Luanda. It has facilities that include Wifi, a medical centre, baggage protection services, foreign exchange and a post office. There are also duty-free shops here, as well as a bar and restaurant. You can also pre-book access to airport lounges for multiple airports around the world if your itinerary extends beyond the borders of Angola. Note that a new airport is currently under construction, which is roughly 40km outside of Luanda city centre.

Arriving in Luanda

If you don’t have anyone to collect you when you arrive at Luanda International Airport, you can choose between the shuttle bus and hiring a taxi. Taxis must be pre-booked at the airport only has the capacity for about 150 vehicles. Taxis operate with cash only, so make sure you have local currency or US dollars with you upon arrival in Angola. The shuttles are equipped to transport passengers and their luggage, and there are a number of routes that they take to ensure that you get to your accommodation safely.

Note that it is not possible to hire cars from the airport itself, but there are car rental agencies within close proximity of the airport which are sometimes willing to deliver your vehicle to the airport upon request.

TAAG Contact details

Phone: +351 707 100 040
Schedule: 7 days a week, 8 am to 10 pm

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