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United Airlines

United Airlines, also commonly referred to as ‘United’, is a major American airline that operates within the United States and which has a large presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Regional flights operate under the ‘United Express’ banner. This airline is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It has seven hubs, with Chicago – O’Hare being the largest:

  • Denver
  • Newark
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • San Fransisco
  • Washington

Besides having one of the largest route networks in the airport industry, another claim to fame of this airline is being the founder of the Star Alliance. Star Alliance is the largest airline alliance that exists, comprising more than 25 members such as Air India, Air China, Egypt Air, Silver Airways, South African Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Book United Airlines Flights Online

Planning on going travelling? Book United Airlines flights and accommodation with us. We’re like a travel agent but without the unnecessary banter. When you use our flight booking portal to purchase your tickets, you basically follow the same process as you would when booking a ticket on the United Airlines web page. That is, all you have to do is let us know your dates of travel, departure and destination points, number of passengers and your cabin of choice by filling in the spaces in the boxes provided. Of course, once you have selected your ideal flight, you will have to provide more information regarding the relevant personal and payment information. You can be assured that our online payment facilities are 100% confidential and protected.

You can find the booking tool at the top of this page. The main advantage of using a booking agency like us is that you don’t have to visit each airline page to know and compare prices. By providing the above info, a list of all relevant flights from a number of different airlines will be revealed.

We are affiliated with, so you can also book comfortable accommodation with us for reasonable prices. The best way to make use of our flight and accommodation booking facilities is to sign up for our newsletter and join our Facebook page. This way you can be alerted to any upcoming specials we might have and make the most of our competitive deals.

Hassle-free travel from start to finish

Like most airlines worth their salt, United Airlines makes your journey smooth and hassle-free from the time you book your ticket to your arrival at your destination of choice. It does this by allowing you not only to book tickets online but also to check your flight status online and even check-in online. This way you can avoid the stress of queueing at the last minute to get your boarding pass and book your seats. Note that if you do this, you will still need to queue to weigh and hand in your luggage.

In order to check-in online, you will need to provide your name and flight confirmation number.

Managing your flight

Once you have made your United Airline flight booking with us, sign into your account on the United Airline web page to manage your booking (i.e. to change your reservation, request special assistance, change seats and much more). Refund policy varies according to the type of ticket you purchased, and when you booked your flight. To find out whether your ticket is eligible for refund visit the ‘refund policy’ page.

United Airlines Flights

What can you expect on your United Airline flight? This naturally depends on the aircraft you are flying on and the cabin you have chosen.

The standard features for long-haul economy class flights are your own in-flight entertainment system and screen, which consists of a number of movies and extensive access to music which you can listen to using your headphones that are provided on the aircraft. Meals are provided and are an exceptional standard.

If you are flying internationally, you will have your own power socket with which you can charge your devices. For domestic flights, selected aircraft have power supplies. Note that not all seats have access to power so make sure you inquire about this before selecting your seat. If you make any in-flight purchases, this airline only accepts debit and credit card payments.

MileagePlus: the Frequent Flyer Programme

If you fly with United Airlines or United Express on a regular basis, why not join the frequent flyer club? You may as well reap the rewards for all the air miles you are accumulating, that can enrich your travel experience even further.

There are four types of membership status you could potentially have: Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum and Premier 1K. Each of these tiers offers different benefits. For example, the kinds of benefits you can receive if you are a Premier Silver member are complimentary early access to preferred seating and to the premium economy cabin. On the other end of the spectrum, you can receive great benefits with Premier 1K, such as discounted phone services fees and lounge access for international travel.

Baggage and special requirements

Make sure you are aware of the baggage restrictions and weight/size limitations for hand luggage and checked-in luggage before you board. Being prepared in this way can save you time and money when you are at the airport, not to mention the stress of having to repack your bags or leave items behind at the airport. You will be charged an extra fee if your baggage exceeds the prescribed weight restrictions.

United Airlines makes an effort to ensure that all of your luggage, including special items like sports gear, fragile items and remains are transported with care. If you have any special requests for the transport of your goods, please enquire when you book your ticket. Transport arrangements can be made for pets, as well as wheelchairs and children’s luggage upon prior arrangement.

If you can’t find your baggage when you arrive at your destination, type your name and reference number in the space provided on the ‘baggage tracing’ page that you will find on the United Airlines website.