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Wakanow Booking Nigeria

Wakanow – What you need to know about Wakanow Nigeria

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Wakanow Booking

Wakanow is an online travel agency focused on West and East Africa, with principal operations in Nigeria.

Wakanow was founded in 2009 in Nigeria. Wakanow is one of West Africa’s largest full-service online travel companies. The company provides its customers with a one-stop online booking portal for flights, hotels, holiday packages, and other travel services and ancillaries

Wakanow Flights

Wakanow flights, is a flight booking engine. You can book flights online with Wakanow.

Wakanow Lagos to Abuja

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Wakanow Nigeria

Wakanow Nigeria is an online travel agency in Nigeria.

Wakanow Nigeria is a travel business with a strong presence in West Africa and an increasing reach across the African continent. The company offers an range of products to address the holiday making desires of the African consumer.

Wakanows partnerships with key global players in the travel space make it a one-stop travel solution at a competitive price point. The company employs over a 100 people and operates offices in strategic locations across the continent.

Wakanow Review

As with many companies that have thousands of customers, Wakanow has mixed reviews.

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